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Powers of Attorney

     A Power of Attorney can be critically important if you are ever physically or mentally incapacitated, unable to sign contracts, deeds, forms or other vital paperwork. If you are incapable of making or communicating decsions regarding your property, your investments, your business or your healthcare a Power of Attorney permits someone to act for you, on your behalf.  The time to have a Power of Attorney prepared is now, because once you need to use one it is too late.  Without a Power of Attorney your family members would have to Petition the Courts to have you declared incompetent or incapacitated and have someone appointed as your Guardian to handle your affairs and perhaps even to determine your living arrangements, with significant costs and Court supervision.

     With a Power of Attorney, You, Not the Courts, Decide Who Will Serve as Your Agent or Agents; What Powers or Authority are Granted; and You Remain In Control!

With a Power of Attorney, You Remain In Control!

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